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Sunday, 2 September 2012

Sometimes someone just really touches your heart

Hi all

No card today - I'm still away on my holiday in Florida - just lazing by the pool today so thought I'd do a little blogging catch up.  I've done some DT commenting and a bit of a nosey around - its great to have nothing else to do.

I had something happen last night that touched my heart so much and just thought I would share. Some of you may know that my youngest son Tom is disabled by cerebral palsy, he has severe motor skill problems and although he can stand and walk with help ( which means he can do all the roller coasters here in Florida!!) his biggest problems are that he can't coordinate with his hands so can't write with a pen or feed himself and his speech is also difficult to understand.  He's also really bright - did well in his A levels and now going into the last year of his degree course at Uni.  He has a real talent for writing and is being encouraged by the Uni to continue onto masters and PHD and he just loves life so much - he's quite the best person I know!

Anyway last night we were out at a steakhouse in Haines city called Mannys - a real roadhouse type of place great steaks, two for one happy hour and fantastic atmosphere we always go at least once when we're here in Florida.  We had a great meal last night and as often happens some people stopped to talk to us on their way out.  The lady of the couple told us her nephew had cerebral palsy and she said she knew how looking after a child with a disability could be hard, we chatted a while and they left - they were nice people.  When we were getting ready to go we asked for the check and the server told us it had already been settled for us - the people who had stopped and chatted had paid our bill for us.  We felt so overwhelmed that people who we had never seen before and will probably never see again could be so kind - it was a wonderful gesture and I feel quite teary just thinking about it

You come across so many people in life - some not so good and some wonderful - these people were of the very best, I may not be able to thank them personally but they have a little place in my heart

Well I'm off to have a swim in the pool - I have to exercise these steaks off somehow! Have a great week everyone - hope you find some wonderful people as your week goes on.


Judith xx


mixamatoasties said...

What a lovely story and what lovely people xxx

Hazel (Didos) said...

Oh WOW Judith thats a brilliant tale and so kind of those people to pay for you, Angels are out there, enjoy your swim, Love Hxx

McCrafty's Cards said...

What a lovely thing to do, I am sure they knew there kindness would lift your spirits, enjoy your swim.
Kevin xx

DesignerDiva said...

Hello Judith hope you are gearing up your fitness with the swimming to attack Michaels again lol!
That was such a beautiful kind thoughtful thing to do, it warms your heart to know that people like that do exist and how lucky that they passed into your life. It filled me up too Mrs!
Enjoy the rest of your holiday
Big Hugs Laurie xx

Sue - bearhouse said...

Thank you so much for sharing this with us Judith. That is just such a lovely story.
Enjoy the rest of your holiday, it's raining here!

Hugs Sue

Kelly Lloyd said...

Hi juidth,

Hope you are enjoying your hols..

That is a wonderful story, what lovely people.

Hugs kelly

Joey said...

Judith that was such a lovely thing they have done for you and your family, a little gesture which goes such a long way I'm sure they knew just how much it would touch you :)))

Its rare people stop to take the time to help, support or just be a friend, our son wanted to stay at a hotel back in May when we were invited to a wedding, on the whole he didnt deal with it well, and I knew food was going to be an issue, but it took one lady behind the busy bar to say, NO he will eat, what would he like and she sought out weetabix for him to sit an eat at 9pm at the bar, nobody else there cared whether he ate or not, I am always thankful for her.

Enjoy your swim. Joey xxx

Tanya said...

That's such a lovely story Judith, it really restores faith in humanity to hear lovely things like that!

Tags xx

Tonya said...

What a beautiful story, Judith. It makes my heart feel good when I hear of such wonderful people.

I know you are proud of your son for all his accomplishments. He sounds like a wonderful young man.

Shell Shearer Swinscoe said...

Oh that's made my eyes all wet, what a wonderful thing for them to do!
Enjoy the rest of your holipops missus!
Hugs Shell xx

Mau xx said...

Oh! how special is that Judith, There are some wonderful kind hearted people out there. Many more than you think! as we seem to only hear about the worst ones. Thanks for sharing and restoring our faith in people.
Enjoy yje rest of your hols sweetie.
Hugs Mau xx

Kim. said...

Oh Judith that is such a wonderful story and what a wonderful family to do that for complete strangers.
I have actually been to that restaurant and it really is a lovely place and well worth a visit.
Kim xXx

Sue said...

Oh Wow! that is so touching Judith... it just warms your heart when something like this happens... and restores your faith in humanity... you read so many dreadful things in the News everyday... tales of cruelty and uncaring people ... and so it is lovely to read something like this... :-)
Hope you are having a lovely holiday hun... sorry I have not vistited for ages...
Love and Hugs
Sue xxx

Vicky said...

What a fantastic gesture from those lovely strangers. I am sure they felt moved by your dedication to your wonderful son and they will realise how thankful you would be. There are still some wonderful and thoughtful people out there! Enjoy what's left of your hols

hugs Vicky xxx